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Automotive battery charger

This battery charger was developed internally by CF3000 srl to charge hybrid electric vehicles; it is compatible with plug-in chargers with AC type 2 inlet. This charger is capable to charge batteries up to 16 A, 11 kW, with 400 V three-phase alternate current.

Technical Specification:

Automotive battery charger:

11kW EV Battery charger for vehicles with type 2 inlet.

Technical Specification:


The system is split in two different electrical cabinet, one to be fitted near the source of electricity and one to be positioned where the vehicle has to be charged.
The system is capable to monitor the electric consumption of the charging process via the meter positioned on the first electrical cabinet.
There are also three LEDs on the outer cabinet to signal if the plug is correctly connected, if the charging process is on duty or if there is an error.
A security switch on the outer cabinet could be used to turn of the current and disconnect the vehicle safely.

Remote diagnostics
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